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School board

Association and foundation Groningse Schoolvereniging
Our school was established as an association in which parents work together and to which they make a voluntary financial contribution. As a member of this association, parents can influence school policy during the annual General Meeting(s) (see below General Meeting). For membership of the association parents pay a membership fee. The school comes under the Groningen School Association Foundation.

The board of the Groningse Schoolvereniging Foundation (the school) consists of the director-governor as per 1 August 2022. The director-governor is in charge of the governance tasks of the Foundation and GSV Association, has the daily management of the school, has final administrative responsibility and is accountable to the Supervisory Board of the GSV Foundation. The director-governor is responsible for the quality and management of the school. The director governor, together with the team leaders, forms the school’s Management Team (MT). The school’s MT leads the school’s organization and implements the policy choices made for the various departments.


Management team
The management team of our school consists of the director-governor and six team leaders. Together they form the management team (MT) and lead the school. In the bilingual department there are three team leaders for lower, middle and upper school. In addition, there is a team leader of subject teachers and specialists. The international department and the department for the gifted each has a team leader. The team leaders are the first point of contact for parents and students. In their departments, they focus mainly on quality and development of education, staff and organizational matters and communication with the parents of their department. The MT meets weekly on Thursday mornings.


Supervisory Board
As of August 1, 2022, the GSV has a Supervisory Board (RvT). This has created a clear separation between the administrative and supervisory tasks of the GSV Foundation. The Supervisory Board supervises the performance of the Executive Director, fulfilling the role of employer for that position and acting as a sounding board for various issues. The board and supervisors behave in accordance with the Good Governance Code of the PO-Raad, the sector organization for primary education. The supervisory board of the GSV Foundation is also the supervisory board of the GSV Association and therefore forms a personal union.


The director-governor also acts as the Board of the GSV Association (from now on known as the Groningse Schoolvereniging Foundation). This board is accountable to the members of the association for the way in which our school fulfils its own mission and vision.


Management Statute
The management statute regulates the responsibilities between the director-governor and the team leaders. The management statute is part of the “Governance handbook”. The team leaders lead their departments, focusing primarily on educational development and organizational tasks for their department and the GSV as a whole. Together with the director-governor, the team leaders form the management team (MT). 


The majority of the Supervisory Board (RvT) consists of members of the Groningse Schoolvereniging, or parents. We find it important that parents, staff and management team work together and each from their own responsibility to realize the same educational vision. The RvT consists of a minimum of five and a maximum of seven members. The members of the RvT are appointed by the General Assembly of the GSV Association (see below “General Assembly”). There is one exception, however, and that is the binding nomination of a RvT member by the MR (Participation Council) of the GSV.


General assembly
At least once a year the association holds a general assembly (ALV). During the ALV the members discuss the annual report of the association and the board and the RvT is accountable for the conducted policy. At the meeting they also appoint members of the RvT of the Association and therefore also of the Foundation. Furthermore, during the ALV the members are informed about the amount of the parental contribution. An adjustment to the amount of the contribution is determined by the ALV.


We ask parents for a contribution, because we offer more educational facilities in our educational programme than is subsidized by the government. 


These facilities include: 

•    smaller classes in the international, gifted departments and the younger years of the bilingual classes
•    specialist teachers for physical education, music, Dutch/English, Learning support, English as an additional language, computer skills, school trips and other educational visits outside school. The board of the GSV is accountable to the GSV Foundation each year regarding how the contribution is spent. The parental contribution is dependent on means.

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