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Mission vision

We are a School Association comprised of parents working together with teachers with the following mission:

“Helping pupils grow up to be independent world citizens who are able to find their place in various aspects of the international society of the 21st Century; be it in relationships, academics, work, and society, whilst having a keen eye for their expanding environment.”

Together with parents, the school continues to work on providing exemplary education in a secure atmosphere of mutual respect.

Inclusion & diversity

Everyone can contribute to and is part of society, regardless of differences in opportunities, culture or background.



We believe every pupil should work to the best of their abilities, both independently and in co-operation with others. This takes form in teaching staff making a plan with a pupil to develop their unique talents. Pupils work at various levels, ensuring an appropriate academic challenge at their individual level. Teachers differentiate in their resources and instructions. They monitor development and adjust if necessary. In summary, we give special care to children should they need it, both in providing challenges and extra support.
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