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Organisation of lessons

Our lessons are structured around short instruction as a class, group or individually, recording activities according to level. Where necessary the teacher/support will provide extra instruction.

International Primary Curriculum (IPC ) 
The International Primary School works with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This method is specifically designed for primary education and centralises learning in the broadest sense. Challenging goals are set for both the core subjects as well as the foundation subjects in school. In addition, IPC deals with concepts and aspects of our world whilst promoting personal development and citizenship. Furthermore, IPC allows teachers to present the topics in an (inter) active fashion, making students interested in their own learning. IPC has an international perspective, thus helping children make connections between their own culture and that of others. In September 2018, the school has extended the use of IPC to the TPO. We aim to provide coherence in learning throughout the school by implementing this method school-wide. The HB uses a thematic approach in Deep Level Learning as well, ensuring and coherent teaching approach in all departments. 


We believe IPC teaches our students the 21st Century Skills and the desired attitude they need in their future.

Deep Level Learning 
Deep Level Learning is a formula based on working with themes which are especially designed for highly-gifted learners and their processing mechanisms. The themes are organised from a top-down perspective, meaning the bigger picture is introduced first. Assignments are focused on developing higher order thinking such as, evaluating, analysing, and creating. By using a thematic approach, students are also learning to develop a growth mindset.

Working in centres 
Children in the youngest age groups learn best through movement and action. They are given the opportunity to work in so-called ‘centres’. Different types of centres are set up in the classroom to stimulate various areas of development. Teachers observe and guide children in their overall growth and development.


Working independently 
Our pupils are encouraged to work independently, according to differentiation plans made by the class teachers. Children are taught to develop a responsible attitude to planning and organising their school work. 


To help pupils develop independence and responsibility, the amount of homework given will increase as they progress through the school. In the international department children are given some form of home activity in all classes. Homework helps to develop more independent learning and planning. The homework we assign helps to develop research skills, text comprehension, task-oriented focus and social interaction.

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