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International Primary School (IPS)

In 1986, the GSV opened the International Department, offering education for four to eleven year-olds. These pupils receive their education in the English language, supplemented with two hours of Dutch (DFL) a week. Education in the IPS is based on the English National Curriculum and the International Primary
Curriculum. In November 2020 the department moved premises to the Rijksstraatweg in Haren and became the International Primary School GSV.

Teaching staff
The teachers in the IPS are all fluent English speakers and most have completed their education in an English-speaking country.

It is important to our organisation that Dutch and international pupils integrate. This allows interaction between different cultures, which in turn helps them to develop into world citizens in their local and international community. To this end we organise educational activities that promote and celebrate our diverse and international community with themes such as: celebrations, family, people and/or clothing around the world may be dealt with.


Other examples of activities regarding integration are:
- Pupils o
f the IPS are given two hours of Dutch per week
- Most TPO and IPS classes go on school trips together
- IPS pupils and TPO students partake in extra-curricular activities
- Pupils visit each other’s celebrations and performances, which are held in Dutch and English.

Welcome to SKSG/GSV Preschool

We are a joint programme, established in 2012, bringing together the International Primary school of the GSV and the day care of the SKSG. This created a wonderful Preschool programme in Groningen. Our kindergarten is a
programme for young children, contributing to providing a solid base for life-long learning for children between the ages of 3 and 4. We provide a safe and stimulating environment where children feel supported and challenged. Our kindergarten is an inclusive environment, aiding the social emotional, cognitive, and physical development of every child. We strive towards every child feeling loved, respected and encouraged to be able to develop themselves optimally. To prepare the children for success in a safe, happy and healthy environment, we provide a curriculum (EYFS curriculum) which enables every child to develop their skills. Our curriculum focuses on literacy, maths, music, physical education, social emotional aspects of learning and topic education. The underlying strategy is to interest children, to have them be inspired. This offers us a plethora of activities which are fun, practical, creative and stimulating. The children are always at the centre of everything we do, and we therefore understand that every child should be raised on a personal, emotional and academic level. There is one teacher and one assistant present in the classroom. Both are qualified, well-trained, professional and caring. Staff value an open communication with parents, and the relationship is also an important part of the programme. Our friendly, tight-knit, and family-oriented atmosphere helps children to adjust, make friends, learn, and even more important: enjoy themselves.


SKSG = Stichting Kinderopvang Stad Groningen
EYFS = Early Years Foundation Stage from the British National Curriculum



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