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At the GSV we prioritise a safe environment for our students by means of educating through KiVa. KiVa is a preventive, school-wide programme, aimed to strengthen a safe social environment and prevent bullying at primary schools. The programme focuses on group forming, ensuring that every child goes to school happily.

The GSV aims to creates a safe environment for all students and address any incidents as soon as they occur.  Within the KiVa programme, group forming is essential. During our ‘Golden Weeks’ (the weeks following the summer holidays) and ‘Silver Weeks’ (the weeks following the Christmas break), there is extra room for group activities. All groups/classes work on the same KiVa themes. Each group comes up with social rules and displays them, visibly, in the classroom. Besides rules, consequences of breaking those rules are also discussed, making each student accountable.

Part of the KiVa programme is being able to right your wrong. Alongside the previously set consequences, the student can be helped to set things right again with another classmate. Questions cards help assuring each party of a conflict feels validated and accountable, making them feel more responsible to find a resolve.

KiVa lessons 
It is our aim to have each group offered KiVa lessons on a bi-weekly basis. These lessons are aimed at group forming and ensuring a safe social climate. The lessons will stimulate children’s social skills in order to create a group norm against bullying. KiVa lessons are broken into ten themes; such as: feelings, uniqueness, and recognising bullying. Each year, we will all KiVa lessons will be held, maximising the programme to create and uphold a safe social learning environment.

Our school has put up several KiVa rules in each class:



We like being happy as a group.


Angry, sad or happy: my emotions matter.


Everybody matters.


We are all different; We are all special.


We treat each other with kindness.


We help each other.


We stick up for each other.

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