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Department for the highly-gifted: HB-department

The HB-department opened her doors in 2010, offering full-time education to highly-gifted children. We offer an adapted learning environment, fitted to their specific needs. This allows the children to develop themselves further and become comfortable with learning. It is important to focus on each learners’ educational needs. As a result, the classes in the HB are restricted to 22. The HB offers an environment with like-minded peers, enabling the pupils to connect and aiding their social-emotional development.

Adapted lessons
HB pupils are offered specialised teaching methods, specific to their needs. We recognise that highly-gifted children learn using insight strategies, as their internal processing differs from that of other children. The children learn using a top-down approach, where they are first being presented with the material as a whole before it is broken down into smaller pieces. As most highly-gifted children also have difficulty automating what they learn, this is given greater focus.

Adapted material
HB pupils follow a different programme that addresses their knowledge and interests. In addition to the curriculum led subjects, pupils will have the opportunity to study other subjects and activities such as Spanish, science, philosophy and chess. We believe that the subjects on offer allow pupils to apply theories learned into practice. There is also focus on music, drama, and creative arts.


Geography, biology and creative arts are covered through Deep Level Learning. Where possible, the department works with the aid of local businesses, art and ecological societies and scientific institutes. We pay special attention to dealing with being highly-gifted, learning to learn, social development and expanding individual interests.

Smaller classes
In the HB, classes are comprised of no more than 22 pupils.
This enables teaching staff to provide pupils with the necessary attention they need.

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