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Quality control

Learning school 
The GSV is a ‘learning organisation’. We are constantly improving and adjusting our educational programme, seeking to include innovative and exciting teaching methods and ideas. We aim to improve our expertise, to monitor the overall quality of our education. We take special care to ensure we meet all of the educational needs of our pupils. Since the GSV is an independent foundation, we are not reliant on other schools and their plans and ambitions, 
nor are we dependent on a Board that is not closely related to our organisation. This enables our school to be more versatile and to easily adapt to our pupils’ needs.


Measuring quality 
To determine the quality level of our education, the GSV employs multiple procedures:


Levels of satisfaction (Tevredenheidspeilingen; TP)
We frequently ask parents/guardians, staff, and pupils if they are satisfied with the education we offer and/or our school policy. Formal feedback is sought on a biannual basis.


Risk assessment and risk evaluation 
We have set criteria which influence safety, health, and the psychosocial workload of both pupils and staff. Part of this assessment is a plan for improving our work environment.


Unannounced visits by team leaders and the director
The management team (team leaders and the director) regularly visit all classes unannounced. The visit will last no longer than a few minutes. The management team (MT) will then be able to gain some insight into the education given at any random time. The impressions are relayed at MT meetings to enable discussion on the quality of our education and how to improve it.


KiVa is a preventive program aimed at strengthening the social safety and combating bullying. At our school, questions are submitted to the children once a year: the so-called KiVA monitor. The questions include well-being and social safety, bullying and friendship relationships in the classroom. With the results of this monitor, the teacher gets a clear picture and can act on it.

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